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1971 Franklin Mint 50 State Bankmarked Sterling Silver Ingot Set In Wooden Case

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1971 franklin mint 50 state bankmarked sterling silver ingot set in wooden case these bars come exactly as shown each one is 1000 grains of sterling silver which 104.17 ounces of sterling silver which equals 96.36 troy ounces of silver content the wood display box dinged up and has marks on it.

Shovelhead 6 speed in 4 speed trans case with Kick Starter. SALE. 5 YEAR WAR

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Shovelhead 6 speed in 4 speed trans case with kick starter. sale. 5 year war comes with the pre-installed 23 tooth trans sprocket. The seller is docrob50 and is located in Lockport, Illinois. This trans is a bolt-in proposition for virtually any electric-start, four speed Big Twin with forward controls.