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Stryker 2141 InTouch Hospital Medical Bed with Air Mattress

Stryker InTouch Hospital Bed with Position Pro Mattress

Stryker 2141 intouch hospital medical bed with air mattress or have already gotten bed sores and need a therapy bed to help. And a chair position to help patients sit upright. Stryker InTouch Bed Pulmonary Care Video. Stryker InTouch Hospital Medical Bed with Air Mattress System Included.

6 inch Mattress High-Density 2x Layered Full Memory Foam Bed, Full Size

Airweave Mattress Review Unique Material Provides Better Sleep

6 inch mattress high-density 2x layered full memory foam bed, full size swiss ortho sleep 6-inch high-density 2x layered full memory foam mattress with bamboo cover. Without the middleman we can connect you directly with furniture designers and manufacturers, saving you up to 70% off prices from leading retailers.

King Semi Waveless Softside Waterbed With Organic Cotton Pillow Top Mattress

INNATURE Organic Pillows

The waterbed heater that comes with this bed is our most reliable unit. King semi waveless softside waterbed with organic cotton pillow top mattress it has a semi wave bladder which has a good amount of movement but not as much as a free flow. We hand picked the Cotton outer material for this mattress No one else has this exact mattress the way we sell it.