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Jeremy Heibert Wedding Photographer

From Start to Finish #5

September 28th, 2011 12:00:00 AM submitted by

A couple weeks ago I talked about our wedding budget, and photography is the one area that we chose to splurge. It is so important to me because when the excitement of our wedding day comes to an end and I walk into married life, there are two things that I will have left from my wedding: pictures and a handsome hubby. I’m very happy with my choice of future husband, and so this week was photographer-picking time. And guess what! We booked one!! (Every picture in this post is their work!)


Before I announce the exciting new of who it is, here are the five things that Brett and I were looking for in our wedding photographer:


- Good packages. It was important to us that our photographer had great packages and was also flexible to our needs. We are much more interested in getting a disc of high-resolution images than getting prints because we already know people who can do printing and albums for us.


- Creativity & Style. Brett and I want some stunning photos from our day that are creatively styled and posed, instead of just "smile for the camera!" shots. We both agreed that a simple, emotional, and very romantic photography style best suited us. We also wanted a photographer with the ability to pose us as opposed to asking us, "So uhh, what do you want to do next?".


- Skill. You might say that we're picky, but we really want high quality photographs. We looked for a really experienced photographer who knows what he/she is doing and is tech-savvy. I don't know anything about photography equipment or technique, but I sure can tell when a photo is taken by someone with amazing skill, technology, and talent!


- Organized. This one was a biggie for us for two reasons. One, the day is just so much more enjoyable when your photographer is taking ownership by organizing people and keeping their eye on the clock for you! And two, we have huge and majorly confusing families so we need a photographer with good organizational skills in order to make sure that there will be pictures of everyone that we need pictures with.


- Fun. We searched for a photographer with a fun attitude, who could make us laugh and most importantly, make us and our families feel relaxed in photos! We people to be themselves in the photos, so it's important the photographer has the type of personality who will pull that out of people.


And now to release the exciting news of which photographer we picked... After looking long and hard for a photographer with all five of those qualities, we chose... the amazing ... the talented ... the creative .... Kampphotography!


We worked with them to capture the recreation of our proposal and some extra photos for this column and they have been all the things we wanted and more! They are a fun-loving husband and wife team that have a wonderful combination of natural talent and hard-earned experience.

They work together fluidly, treat you as if you are old friends, are always quick, organized and prepared, make you feel comfortable in front of the camera, and take the most beautiful shots. And do you want to know what really sealed the deal for us? It was that they don't tell you what style they are, but they figure out your style as a couple and they create that for you in every photo.


I absolutely love the choice we made for photography. I'm excited to see the beautiful shots of our wedding day framed on the walls of our future home. And in years from now, show our little grandkids what Grandma and Grandpa looked like when they were young and in love (not that we won't be in love then!).

What are you looking for in a photographer? Did you find a great one too? Write to me on here or on our Facebook wall!

Chat soon & happy planning!

From a bride that's hoping she's photogenic,


PS. Write to me on our Facebook page about your planning experiences and let me know what you would like to see me write about! 

Also if you've missed any of my posts, don't worry! I've got them right here for you:

1. The Proposal

2. Wedding Inspiration

3. The Budget

4. Picking Bridesmaids



Comments | September 28th, 2011
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